Virtual tour or QTVR Panoramic Image can apply to lots of industry. We effectively use panoramic technology for every industry to attract your target customers and your target audiences. In our panoramic images, it make use of every angle in the environment to show and make your visitor feel like being there. Just like you are guiding a actual tour. It is extremely brilliant way of demostration for Event and Tourist industry. It is the best way to show magnificent scenery.  Other from showing your visitor the brilliant scenery, panorama also serve as a excellent documentary media.  QTVR Panorama Photographs recorded every corner of the site and location, it is the only media can help you compare and visualize what have been changed and what happened at specific time and moment.

With a collection of Panoramas or VR images, a complete Virtual Tour is formed to show visitor the whole picture of the location.

Most of shopping mall have brilliant decoration or seasonal promotions. How can you attract your target customer to your shopping mall, panoramas can show how good your decoration. Lets tell your customer here comes the shopping seasons. For passed events, management can also keep a complete record of the decoration for further reference. 
Museums have lots of exhibit and wonderful astomsphere. How can you tell your client? Just photo is not enough, panorama can show the whole environment and atomshphere. By jointing panoramas together, it also can form a virtual museum.
Panoramas are wonder for attracting tourist. It show the whole picture of the surrounding environment. Visitor feel like they are there and have the feeling of being there. Then they are eager to go for a trip. 
Beside from attraction, panoramas can also serve a recording purpose. Panoramas record the whole environment from top to bottom without anything missing.
What else can use panoramas? It just limited by your imagination. From attraction purpose to recording purpose. From single panorama to a whole virtual tour. It bring a new media to your client to see and feel.