A panorama is a photography with extreme wide angle of view, it lets you feeling as standing in a place and look around.
For full QTVRs or Panoramas, it provides a full 360 degree surround view and 180 degrees up and down view. Panroama is the term to describe wide angle photography, usually is used in scenic photography or landscape photography. Because of the wide horizontal and vertical viewing range, panoramas typically can show you the big sky, wide landscape.

Interactive Panorama / QTVR   
QuickTime VR or QTVR is first developed by Apple Computer that let users examine and explore photo-realistic, three-dimensional virtual worlds. The result is sometimes called immersive imaging.

Virtual reality information is typically stored as a panorama, made by stitching many images together so they surround the user’s viewpoint or surround an object that the user wants to examine. By using the interactive technology, user can viewing the virtual environment simply by a mouse drag. As the latest development of this new media of photography, the plain photo is extended to a three dimensional space.

In addition to latest IT and computer technology, user doesn’t required to install complicated software. Just a full functional browser is good enough to enjoy the future technology of virtual reality of real world and real photos. Recently, QTVR is no longer the single term to describe the panorama technology or this new media. VR Photography, Interactive Photography, Immersive media, Panoramic images, 360 photos, virtual tour and panos are terms to describe this new media. Some formats does not require to install quicktime player in the computer.