We noticed one amazing Google Maps feature – Street View. It’s simply awesome for letting you travel anywhere you want.

StreetView Service just launched in Hong Kong.  It is a very excited experience for user to look around and find their direction on their way.  However, do you want streetview experience directed to your venues or shops?   Google does not provide such service.  Let’s bring 360 degree street view  immersive experience to you and your client.

Are you asking the same question as our customer asked:

What technology do Google Street View Hong Kong using?
Can we have the same photography of Street View on our website or our CDs?
I want to show off to my customer my venues with Google Street View Service in Hong Kong, do they provide photography service?
I can’t find any photo of my venues on Google Street View Hong Kong, can somebody help me?
Can we have some Google Street View photography after we are well prepared instead of a ugly photo?
We are your answer to your questions, please call and consult our sales.
We can help you to add amazing street view feature to your website or your applications.